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Suzhou Investigation

SUZHOU INVESTIGATION-The city of Suzhou is situated on the lower portion of the Yangtze river. Its approximately in the southeastern area of Jiangsu Province and is considered to be a major economic zone and center for trade within China.

Suzhou is one of the fastest growing cities for commerce, with a residential population of over 10 million. In fact, since the 10th century, this city has been a important commercial center. Given the history, many people visit Suzhou for the numerous relics on display and natural beauty. If you need hands-on intervention within any commercial or corporate venture or just need a private investigator in Suzhou, you can be assured that FII has the team you’re looking for. Our Suzhou investigators are among the best in the field.

Suzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Nanjing Private Investigation Services:

 •    Background Searches - Professional, Educational, and Reputational History

 •  Criminal and Civil Proceedings

 •    Detailed Business Records

 •    Undercover Surveillance

 •    Asset Investigation in Suzhou Jiangsu Province

 •  Due Diligence in Suzhou and Nanjing

 •  Forensic/Financial Due Diligence

  •    Infidelity in Suzhou and Shanghai

     Kunshan and Taicang Investigation in Suzhou

  •    Taicang Investigation in Suzhou Jiangsu

Suzhou Private Investigators:

+86 21 5992 1896      *English and Chinese speaking 24/7

Email: suzhouinvestigator@china-detectives.com


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