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Debt Collection in China

Feidu International Investigation (FII) is a private detective and international business investigation agency with over ten years of experience. In addition, FII has established a strong, experienced and loyal group of specialists and a vast network of private and organization related entities to provide a variety of services including debt collections.


Debt Collections in China

 “Debt collection is a deliberate attempt by a business to collect an obligation that has become past due. In normal transactions between two businesses, an invoice is rendered and payment is due within 30 days—unless, by special arrangement, a more generous schedule of payments has been agreed upon”


FII has a decade of experience with consumer and commercial debt collection in China. We offer a full and comprehensive range of debt collection services. In addition, we have collected debt for numerous clients located in many other countries. Our debt collections specialists have become so proficient with these processes that we very often receive requests from other agencies to help with their collection needs. To maximize our client's chances of making a full recovery and create a professional, beneficial relationship, we offer our clients the following services:


         No sign-up costs or advanced fees

         Money transferred directly to clients

         Immediate feedback

         Personalized services

         Asset searches (property and bank investigation)

         Skip-tracing (find a person)



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