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Legal and Litigation Support

With offices in all major cities in China, FII has the capability to handle all your legal needs. Our reach, know-how and proficiency set us apart from the competition. With over 10 years of experience, knowledge of local laws, language, customs, culture and traditions in China, we have provided our client’s with professional and effective solutions.


Navigating the array of legal options in a foreign country can be an overwhelming, time consuming task that often ends up becoming cost-ineffective. This process becomes even more complicated when you factor in the cultural and language differences.


FDC can provide you with the means to navigate the cross-border legal complexities. Our in-house legal team has access to a network of independent attorneys throughout China that have extensive experience in the field.


Whether you’re interested in obtaining legal evidence for the court or seeking to litigate a case, FII can provide you with the legal services needed help resolve any issue you may have.


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