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Corporate Security

FII possesses an experienced, loyal and reliable security team that treats each case with the highest level of professionalism and discretion. Our members are elite personnel from the fields of law enforcement, business, anti-counterfeiting and ex-special forces. In addition, FII has amassed vast amounts of experiences over the years and possesses some of the most cutting edge equipment and techniques in the field.


At Feidu International Investigations, Our security protocol is designed to support your business operations. We send in our operatives to assess the risks within your company and any outside factors that may influence the safety of the property and or person(s) residing on said property. Once the determination has been made, our agents advise you of these risks and make recommendations to protect critical operating zones, personnel and corporate assets.  Part of our portfolio of services includes executive protection, secured transportation and real-time physical security services.


At FII, you can count on our security team to protect your interests. Whether you're interested in safeguarding your property or you need help with a personal matter, we can provide you with a vast network of resources, experienced and professional employees, high tech solutions and cost effective services. In addition, we strictly follow the principles of integrity, professionalism, confidentiality, and efficiency. Our greatest aim is to maintain and protect the interests of our clients and to establish ourselves as the model for the private investigation and security industry in China.


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