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Shanghai Investigation

Shanghai Private Investigator

Tel: +86 21 5992 1896      *English and Chinese Speaking 24/7

Address:11th Floor, No.99 Wuning Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, China

Email: shanghaiinvestigator@china-detectives.com

Shanghai private investigators know how to circumvent the problems faced by most PI’s in one of China's largest cities. Many people are familiar with Shanghai because the city is known for its commerce and business services. In addition, the tremendous amount of international trading, investment financing, and high tech industries have made this city into the international hub in China.

Feidu International Investigation’s Background Information on Shanghai

Shanghai became the center for textile and handcrafted goods within China during the 16th century. However, by the mid-19th century, Shanghai’s sea port became one of the most important economic locations in China, eventually cementing itself as the single most important financial center in the Far East. Currently, Shanghai has more than 500 foreign owned or invested companies. In fact, in 2016, 18.5 billion in overseas investments was accounted for. Despite recent global slowdowns, Shanghai has managed to grow steadily for the past 17 years. As such, it holds a lot of financial promise. However, the risks inherent in such a venture are great. To minimize or eliminate risks associated with financial investigations in China, Feidu International Investigation (FII) offers an extensive list of services that can be tailored to individual or corporate needs. Our highly trained staff has the experience, tools and know-how to provide the information necessary to make informed decisions.

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Shanghai Investigative Services:

 •    Background Searches - Professional, Educational, and Reputational History

 •  Criminal and Civil Proceedings in Shanghai

 •    Detailed Business Records in Shanghai and Beijing

 •    Undercover Surveillance in Nanjing Hangzhou and Shanghai

 •    Asset Searches in Shanghai Beijing and Shenzhen

 •  Due Diligence in Shanghai and Suzhou

 •  Forensic/Financial Due Diligence in Shanghai

  •    Infidelity Investigation in Shanghai China

Shanghai Private Investigators:

Tel: +86 21 5992 1896      *English and Chinese speaking 24/7

Address:11th Floor, No.99 Wuning Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, China

Email: shanghaiinvestigator@china-detectives.com


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