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5 Characteristics to Look for in a Private Investigator within China

There are many factors that should be considered when hiring a private investigator. As a client, the ultimate goal is to gain the truth about a particular situation, event or circumstance. As such, it’s critical to find a trustworthy detective that can provide honest and affordable services.

To ensure that you hire a reliable and experienced investigator in China, please make sure to ask about past experience within the field and where their offices are located. It’s imperative to determine if the person actually has a physical location where they can meet the client. Often, many of these so-called “detectives’ (in China) will post on their websites that they have offices in many cities located through the country. However, more often than not, it’s just a lure to give a false sense of confidence. It’s highly recommended to ask to meet in their office. If the investigator tries to persuade you that it’s not necessary, this should raise an alarm. In addition, please look for the following characteristics:

1) Integrity

Providing reliable and trustworthy evidence is a mainstay of a good private investigator. The whole purpose of the service is to give factual evidence that can help the client learn the truth.  Moreover, an investigator who displays integrity holds confidentiality as a top priority in the working relationship. After all, how can you trust an investigator who freely releases a client’s information?

2) Perseverance

The duties performed by a private investigator are not easy. It takes a lot of patience and determination to survey a situation, gather data and make the appropriate decisions. All successful investigations must have this quality to succeed otherwise important clues will be overlooked.

To determine whether the investigator possess these abilities, one can ask about their data gathering procedures or how they would handle a particular scenario.  

3) Passion

Does the investigator love his job? A Passionate investigator will have the wherewithal to study the minute details that could potentially crack a case. An investigator’s motivation is directly related to their love of the job. To determine this, one could ask the persons length of employment and why they chose this profession.

4) Resourcefulness

Not all investigations are black and white. It takes a skilled, creative investigator to come up with unique solutions to the problem they face in the field. For example, if the target person is being followed, how can they blend in with their environment as not appear suspicious?

5) Responsiveness

A social, friendly investigator is less likely to arouse the suspicion of those who he or she investigates. In addition, their ability to remain friendly not only helps them gain the knowledge they are looking for from informants, but also helps provide a better investigator-client relationship.

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