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Due Diligence in China

Given the global nature of business today, many companies are looking to expand their horizon beyond their borders. As such, the world's largest market, China, holds a lot of financial promise. However, the risks inherent in such a venture are great. To minimize or eliminate risks associated with mergers, acquisitions, financings or joint ventures, Feidu International Investigation (FII) offers due diligence services in China.

Our China based team recognizes the need for culturally sensitve due diligence practices and has the knowledge to navigate the pitfalls associated with this form of investigation. For example, when dealing with third party investigations, it is imperative to understand the Chinese concept of Guanxi (connections). This socially accepted business practice is based on the exchange of favors, whereby the personal relationships formed are the most important factor.

Our Investigation Services in China:

•         Background searches - Includes professional, educational, and reputational history

•         Criminal and civil proceedings

•         Detailed business records

•         Asset searches

•         Compliance history

•         Cyber Due Diligence

•         Forensic/financial due diligence in China

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